welcome to my
client guide

Here you will find information on what to expect the day of the session, location guidance and a style guide. But first, please take a minute to complete the client survey to help me get to know you. 

what to expect

My goal at each session is to capture your family, the connection, the love, and sometimes the crazy. Each session will begin with some formal family portraits, and once we get the boring stuff out of the way we will play games, move around and just be in the moment. The more you focus on loving on your kiddos and forget that I am there, the more I will be able to capture some amazing moments. Your only job is to relax and have fun!

  • Try to be ready and on time! I often time my sessions for ideal light so if you arrive late it will impact the amount of time we can have for our session.
  • Full tummies make for happy kids! Make sure kids are fed, and bring some goldfish or string cheese.
  • Often I will separate the kiddos when I do individual or sibling portraits. This sometimes helps them relax and I can get more genuine smiles.
  • Family photos can be frustrating, but they don’t have to be! If you start to feel frustrated with a child, just pick them up, snuggle them and show them you are happy. Kids love to be loved so take a deep breath and live in the moment.
  • Chapped lips and runny noses are very hard to edit out, please bring tissues if you need them and layer on that chap stick!
  • Focus on having fun! My goal is to capture genuine interactions and emotion, the natural smiles will come if you are actually having a good time. 


When choosing a location for the backdrop of our photo session, there are many things to consider. It is important to choose a location that is aesthetically beautiful and meaningful to you, and that has natural elements for your family to interact with (water, trees, fields, rocks, etc). This provides natural opportunities for play and connection. Once we have chosen a location, I will go out 1-2 weeks before our session and check for light conditions.

  • Luscher Farm | In LO, Luscher Farm has beautiful fields and sunsets.
  • Columbia Gorge | Dramatic landscapes, water and rocks.
  • Mt. Hood | Dramatic skylines, beautiful sunsets and beautiful alpine meadows
  • Willamette River | Leafy backdrops, beautiful water and quiet locations.
  • Frog Lake | Mt. Hood lake, quiet location
  • Rose Garden | Green grass, beautiful roses and wonderful natural light
  • Oregon Coast* | Beautiful sunsets, sand, moody skies, dramatic coastline
  • And beyond…* | I am always up for scouting locations and traveling

* travel feel may apply


style guide

Mamas… Start with YOU. Find something you feel beautiful in and let that inspire the rest of your families choices.

To make it easy for you, I have subscribed to Style and Select. This is an amazing website where you will fill out a survey and it will give you outfit ideas for your entire family. I especially love their bohemian outfit selections!!! Use access code 85p4s6op for exclusive access.

For Mom | It’s all about the dress!  Dresses with movement add an extra touch of grace and elegance to your pictures. 

For Dad | Chinos, Button-up shirts, chambray or v necks are the way to go. Fitted slacks or jeans photograph well. 

For Kids | Boys and girls under the age of six look great in overalls, linen rompers and other timeless childhood pieces. Children over six can just follow the recommendations for Mom and Dad. 

Coordinating Vs. Matching | There is an old fashioned idea floating around that everyone in the picture needs to match. This is not true! Coordinating is far better than matching.

Colors | When determining what colors you will wear, consider either the environment where we will have your session or colors in your own home. I always recommend clients have at least three colors in their palette and mix in one pattern.

Details, details, details… | Finish off your look with accessories and layers. This can really make your photos “YOU.” Consider adding a statement necklace, hat or scarf..