style guide

Mamas... Start with YOU. Find something you feel beautiful in and let that inspire the rest of your families choices.


To make it easy for you, I have subscribed to Style and Select.

This is an amazing website where you will fill out a survey and it will give you outfit ideas for your entire family. I especially love their bohemian outfit selections!!!

Use access code 85p4s6op for exclusive acess.

For Mom

It’s all about the dress!  Dresses with movement add an extra touch of grace and elegance to your pictures. 


For Dad

Chinos, Button-up shirts, chambray or v necks are the way to go. Fitted slacks or jeans photograph well. 


For Kids

Boys and girls under the age of six look great in overalls, linen rompers and other timeless childhood pieces. Children over six can just follow the recommendations for Mom and Dad. 

Coordinating Vs. Matching

There is an old fashioned idea floating around that everyone in the picture needs to match. This is not true! Coordinating is far better than matching.


When determining what colors you will wear, consider either the environment where we will have your session or colors in your own home. I always recommend clients have at least three colors in their palette and mix in one pattern.


Details, details, details…

Finish off your look with accessories and layers. This can really make your photos “YOU.” Consider adding a statement necklace, hat or scarf..

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